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 What We Do

We help CEOs who often tell us, with despair, that they feel they don't have a true grasp on their organization or their people anymore.  We often hear "even my few trusted advisors never really help me see the whole picture, so I find myself saying, I don't always know what is going on unless I am here all of the time." 

We at Vision 360 will work with you and your people. Using processes we have discovered and developed, we will make you feel you are at the center of things again.  We will help you see all the way around your universe!  We will help you strengthen your organization by helping you and your executive staff transition from a work group to a high performance team that will have a common corporate culture that you define together.  Then you and your "team" can effectively communicate with each other all of the time and achieve the goals that the team has set.  Sound like a dream?  It's not!  We can help you make it happen!

 Who We Are

Take a look at the consultancy team we have built over the last 13 years -- their breadth and depth of knowledge in a variety of industries is amazing!

States Hines
Tom Foster
Pat Conway
W.C. Martin
Clark A. Johnson
CJ Janney
Nick Aradi
Jock Merriam
Hugo Ottolenghi



The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt